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AMIGA OS5.0 to come to the Pegasos!
by TrustedUser on 02/21/2004 09:51 PM
Genesi announces credit to all I AM AMIGA coupon holders with USD 50 off the purchase of the Pegasos AMIGA 5.0!

Today we were passed a Top-Secret document from sources close to Genesi. It is a preliminary draft of the next Press Statement from BBRV intended to be released in the near future as we were informed.

We are going to put this document up as-is to not spoil its authenticity. Have fun!

Promotion Clarifications and Update

bbrv - February 21, 2004

Greetings to one and all, and a big thank you to all of you who have Participated (and to others out there who will hopefully participate) in the promotion. WE have some points WE need to clarify and a desire to, once again, be completely honest with all of you.

Here we go:

One question that has been asked of us a lot is "Why are you doing this promotion?"

This promotion is not about pre-selling AmigaOnes, nor pre-selling Amiga OS 4.0. IT IS ABOUT SELLING PEGASOS MACHINES!!! We are in no way pre-selling these OTHER items. Others have taken your money in the past, with no products ever delivered to customers. We are not doing that, nor would we EVER do that. In spite of what some may think, we have learned well the lessons of history, and we do not intend repeating them. The PEGASOS board exists in every way that a motherboard can exist. It has been shown, it is in use, and is being used in software and hardware development -- IN FACT MOTOROLA HAS ORDERED OPEN DESKTOP WORKSTATIONS BASED ON THE PEGASOS AND WILL BE MAKING THE PEGASOS THE DEVELOPMENT BOARD FOR THE G4 FAMILY OF CPUs. As a point in fact, WE know that once the news is disseminated further regarding the shows in France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Australia, Russia, the USA and the UK that took place IN THE last MONTH, the largest majority of you will be very pleased with the progress shown in the development and deployment of the PEGASOS II, and you will know that all this is very "real".

This promotion is not about the pre-selling of AmigaOS 4.0, either, because it is NOT READY YET, BUT OS 5.0 IS COMING ONE DAY BECAUSE AMIGA DE AND OS 4.0 WILL BE MERGED TOGETHER IN 0S 5.0 AND GENESI WILL SEE TO THAT!!! WHEN IT IS YOUR I AM AMIGA COUPONS WILL BE WORTH SOMETHING!!! You have seen the screen shots, it is in the hands of developers, and WE ARE excited (yes WE used the "e" word, AGAIN, but hey, WE ARE EXCITED, as we all are here, and we have earned the right to be excited!) about how well this project is coming along. OS 5.0 will PROBABLY NOT run on other PPC products LIKE the AmigaOne, the CyberStorm and Blizzard PPC accelerator cards BUT IT WILL RUN ON THE PEGASOS!!! That's because you, the members of The Community, with many and varied needs, wanted this support. So we delivered this legacy support in response to your expressed desires. OS 5.0 and beyond are providing us with a new future for the AmigaOS in many different traditional hardware configurations.

So for better clarification, the PEGASOS COUPON PROMOTION is a motherboard that will be sold to dealers. Dealers will then be able to sell the PEGASOS as is, or can build a complete system, or sell you the parts and let you the end user make it yourself. AmigaOS 4.0 is not pre-loaded on the system, but is sold with the AmigaOne (SO DO NOT BE CONFUSED!)

With regards to OS 4.0, you may purchase this product separately from the AmigaOne, and it can be loaded and used on other Amiga PPC products and systems that are certified for OS 4.0. BUT WHY NOT WAIT SOME MORE?! WHEN IT IS DONE GENESI WILL INTEGRATE EVERYTHING USEFUL INTO OS 5.0 AND VIOLA!!!

Whew, WE think that WE have it correct now.

With all of that out of the way, and I trust better clarification WE want to share with you the real reason behind the promotion and why it is so very important for all of us. Along with this information we are making a change that better reflects what the promotion is attempting to prove:

We are working daily with developers, 3rd party services, investors, dealers, and past dealers who are looking to return the Amiga market TO THE PEGASOS. The one critical question that is asked of us every day is "How many Amiga customers can we look forward to, as a base for a return on our investment in the market?" "We are not interested in spending money developing software, only to sell a few hundred copies. " These are quite valid concerns, and we want to answer them accurately. These same sort of questions do apply to the number of PEGASOS we will build and the number of components that are purchased to effect that construction. The dealers must have a reasonably accurate idea of how many cases, peripheral components, even shipping boxes to purchase, so they can build THE PEGASOS motherboards up into full desktop solutions for their customers, and we have some very large, and I mean huge electronic stores who WILL be starting to carry Amiga products again, if.....and only if we can PUT THE AMIGA LOGO ON THE PEGASOS. This is important information we need to learn here, not only for ourselves but our network of partners as well, both our announced partners and those waiting in the wings, watching the Amiga market and the Amiga Community AND WAITING FOR THEM TO TRIUMPHANTLY JOIN THE PEGASOS TEAM -- PEG POWER!!!

This promotion is far more than filling some nebulous coffers: it is about letting the developers and the world know that Amiga is a market, that the Amiga Community is viable and that it is one that is most certainly a market worth developing for, and a market and group of people worthy of recognition. COME BACK HOME! GO PEGASOS!!!

Now WE know that many out there are in a "wait and see mode". WE keep receiving messages from many of you that tell me that there are 100's of thousands of Amiga aficionadoes who will come forward once the new products are out, and WE must say WE agree (HOPE WOULD BE A BETTER WORD, BECAUSE WE KNOW THAT THOSE NUMBERS ARE SERIOUSLY INFLATED!). WE know that there are many more out there waiting before they commit to a purchase. This WE completely understand as well. The issue immediately before us is that we really need to prove that there is a market out there for Amiga today, and that there will be even more people tomorrow.

This promotion is about bringing the Amiga family back together again, reforming the ranks if you will, and preparing us all for the great successes we can create together, as we make the necessary moves towards the merging of the DE and OS technologies in AmigaOS 5.0 and beyond. We are committed to being able to show that THE GENESI AmigOS ARE a force to be reckoned with in the technology realm, and to showing that there is an opportunity for developers to return to the PEGASOS (Amiga) platform and start making money again, with PEGASOS (Amiga) the platform and GENESI the company. THAT IS RIGHT FOLKS! GENESI WILL FURTHER ENFORCE THE RECENT JUDGMENT TO ALL FUTURE AMIGA DE UPGRADES TO AND INCLUDING OS 5.0!!!!

So yes, the promotion is designed for fun. Yes, it is designed to deliver a good value for you, the members of the Amiga Community -- SO COME ON BACK! It is also about providing proof to the skeptics that Amiga is here to stay and that we are a market they need to recognize, for which they should develop, that the PEGASOS Market IS worth their investment of time, effort and money. At the end of the day, this is business, and business is about providing a return for all involved.

With all of the above stated, WE am going to change this promotion somewhat, to better capture what we are determined to achieve with this promotion, the PEGASOS (Amiga) and you. We are going to do something here that will let everyone know that we are part of something great and significant. Most of you have been here far longer than WE have and I appreciate the fact that most, not all of you, but most, have adopted me into your family. So in order to better accomplish this goal, this promotion is changing.

Now IF you joinED the I am Amiga Club for USD 50.00, you will NOT receive a shirt signifying your membership, BUT YOU CAN USE THE coupon for a USD 50.00 discount on an PEGASOS, or OS 5.0 (for those of you who wish to run this new OS on your existing PEGASOS) AND YOU CAN VISIT MORPHZONE WHENEVER YOU WANT!!! We will work together with GENESI-associated companies to offer significant discounts and other special promotions to the Amiga Club members.

All of the rest of the promotion still applies and all members will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes. WHAT SWEEPSTAKES!?!?!

Here is how you may purchase the promotion:

In OUR very AMIGA-focused approach (WE apologize for that, it won't happen again) WE did not think through the process of ordering the promotion without a credit card. And for those of you outside of the USA, where so many of you reside, you can now use PayPal, and certain debit cards that carry a credit card logo may also be used or you can also send a check, money order, or bank check to:

I am Amiga Club TOO

Please include Name, Address, and all of your other necessary details for us to be able to deliver the products to you. Also, please include your E-Mail address, if you have one. WHEN WE FIGURE OUT WHAT THE SWEEPSTAKES IS WE FOR WE WILL ANNOUNCE IT!! WE WILL ALREADY HAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

By the time OS 5.0 arrives, you should also be able to purchase this promotion through your local GENESI Amiga dealer. This will make it much easier for all of you to participate in the promotion and order the items from your local dealer. We will still NOT send you the certificate and the shirt directly NOR EVER WILL, but this may be easier for many of you to participate.

So come on now: WE know that there are more of you out there. Lets make this happen together.

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No Subject
Posted on: 2004-02-24 21:53:38   By: Anonymous
Why do I get this weird sense of deja-vu?

I am Amiga TOO
Posted on: 2004-03-30 11:03:17   By: Anonymous
Ah, will proceeds of this go to back pay of Amiga employees, or must they first buy a Pegasos or something? Just checking..


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