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Interview with Genesi's mystery 'institutional customer'
by garfield on 11/15/2003 03:30 PM
We're all gonna die!

Hopsdorf Psychiatrische Klinik, Jena
While blue trolls around the world eagerly await the physical release of the Pegasos 2 computer, Genesi spokesperson and general cheerleader Bill Buck claims that all available units are sold to an 'institutional customer'.

Until now, nothing has been known publically about this mysterious buyer, but Wrong Pla.net has found him. We met him in his home at the Horst von Hopsdorf Psychiatrische Klinik in Jena, Germany, where he's been residing since 1997. He's unwilling to reveal his identity, but agreed to answer some questions from Wrong Pla.net.

Wrong Pla.net: What made you catch interest in the Pegasos?

Institutional Customer: We're all gonna die! There will be an electromagnetic storm, eradicating all life on earth except mushrooms and turtles.

WP: Ok, I see. And there's nothing we can do about it?

IC: Fruitcake!

WP: Eh, thank you for the interview..

IC: If we just eat fruitcakes made with the right recipe, the radiation will resonate harmonically with our natural impulses, and the biotic energy will turn us into superbeings instead of killing us.

WP: I see. What does this have to do with Pegasos?

IC: I will build a cluster with one million Pegasos machines to calculate the correct frequency for the recipe, of course.

WP: Of course. You will build the cluster here, in, eh..

IC: But we have to hurry! The electromagnetic storm occurs on February 4, 2004, at 09:46 GMT.

WP: That's not a lot of time, you've got to be awfully worried about the delays in Pegasos production?

IC: Yes, but I've prepared the blueprints for the cluster here on this paper napkin. There is still time.

WP: One million Pegasos computers, that is rather a lot, how is this funded?

IC: I like your hat!

WP: I'm not wearing a hat..

IC: But you should be!

/at this point, the interview was abrupted by mr. IC's assistant, as it was time for lunch/

Wrong Pla.net thanks Jörg von Hopsdorf for contributing to this interview. Article Manager module by by George! Software.

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Mystery Institution Identified
Posted on: 2003-11-16 07:53:21   By: Anonymous
The mystery insitution is the same group that gave us the Y2K bug well after the 2000 New Year. The bug arrived late, ate pregant chad in 2000 Florida election. The bug has now mutated and is eating fruitcakes. This bug is not realated to Jimmy Buffet's "livin off Sponge cake" a line referring to Billy bob Gates.

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