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Who is Ben Drebben?
by hesdeadjim on 11/27/2003 03:07 PM
Ben Drebben, accused and condemned to lifelong nick-deletion, a sad fate for one so promising.

Who is Ben Drebben?
How did it happen?

He participated in the fortnightly Q&A session, held by 'Fleecy' Moss, CTO of Amiga Inc. Well, not fortnightly any more, more not-quite-fortnightly.

For this it has to be explained that Fleecy Moss, CTO of Amiga Inc., stalls for much-needed time with the True Amigans with a fortnightly question and answer session twice a month. For this reason and under consideration of a certain predetermined time, Mike Bouma collects questions that have to be asked by users. A jury then decides which questions in the final Q&A are placed and then humbly presented to Fleecy Moss, CTO of Amiga Inc. After this, Fleecy sits down and nobly spends his own free time to answer all questions with a due portion of insanity and much taurine scatology.

This also happened last month. There Ben Drebben placed a lot of questions, many of which were just too sane for the standard AW clientelle.

Sanity...uhoh. This Mike Bouma did not like, because the questions differed too much from the questions the other acolytes...er, users. Mike finds questions which are meaningful to be completely stupid and insulting. For example, Ben wanted to know how Fleecy could have seen AmigaOS4 on an AmigaOne as he once claimed, although both did not exist at that time, or whether it bothers Fleecy that no one likes Amiga Inc., and what Fleecy's favourite colour is. The horrible troll that he is.

And so the questions pissed Mike completely and thus the well-loved freelance journalist, always benevolent and kind, decided to spy Ben out and wait for an opportunity to pay everything back in one glorious decloaking thread. But for a long time he could not match Ben's wit or reason, for reality is an alien prospect to AmigaWorld, and he was busy in IRC 30+ dating sites.

But finally Mike succeeded. He found the weakness, the chink in the armour: he discovered that Ben writes what surely be evil Anti-Amiga messages under another nick on another site. The scoundrel!

But because Mike does not understand fun (due to an unfortunate poker and anus related incident), he got very excited about Ben and then went on to violently defrock him in front of all his loyal followers so they could drool over him spasmodically. So ends the short career of a heretic.

To answer the original question who Ben Drebben is, we have to say that he probably was the one, that scorched the sky above AmigaWorld.net. At the time they were dependent on empty promises and it was believed that they would be unable to survive without an energy source as abundant as the fountain of hot air coming from Fleecy Moss.

Throughout Amiga history, we have been dependent on Amiga Branded Hardware (TM) to survive. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony. Article Manager module by by George! Software.

The comments are owned by the poster. We are not responsible for its content.
A Public Annoucement
Posted on: 2003-11-28 14:03:35   By: Anonymous
I'd just like to say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with hanging around seedy over-30s IRC flirt channels, nothing whatsoever. It is a clean and healthy thing for the modern single man to do, and should have no stigma attached.

(hehe snicker lol)

Posted on: 2003-11-28 16:59:40   By: Anonymous

B. Drebben (bendrebben@hotmail.com)

Ben Drebben Nick Deletion
Posted on: 2003-12-07 23:32:44   By: Anonymous
Since when was drebben's nick deleted?! I just thought he was asked to choose either that or drebben.

At least research your satire guys... ;-)

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