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OS4 comes to Bath
by samuraijack on 12/14/2003 01:53 AM
In Bath, no-one can hear you drool.

Amiga Baths - only 800 USD, tiles not included.
Bath - majestic and ancient city of England, and site of a natural hot spring where Roman soldiers once came to bathe themselves. But on the 13th of December 2003 it became the congregation point of unclean invaders of another kind. For there the long, long LONG awaited AmigaOS clone 'OS4' hit the UK as we reported and was demonstrated, and the True Amigans arrived in their droves. Well, more than ten went, which is droves, nay, hordes, for the Amiga community (and the True Amigans in general).

But it almost didn't happen as many True Amigans couldn't find transport to get them there, despite the UK's wonderful transport system and clear roads. At one point Amiga Inc. offered to set up a special coach. It was to stop 10 miles from Bath, cost 120 for a ticket (100 for Club Amiga members). It was slow, leaky, and falling to bits, but the big "AMIGA" sign that was to be sprayed on the side would have made it all worthwhile. Unfortunately the paint shop would not accept Fleecy's IOU and the idea fell through.

But still people managed to arrive. As the fans braved the rain and cold we managed to have a discreet presence there at the show to collect miscellaneous comments from the crowd. Here are some of those comments:

"OS4 crashed relatively quite a lot, but since it is an early alpha/beta I expected this. And was still very slow (because of the debug, debug mode now dropped to 10, yay), but the cooler on the board has LIGHTS! LIGHTS! MY GOD!!! I WANT ONE!"


"Now we are at the level the free beta of MorphOS was at three years ago we can really start to KICK ASS!"

"It makes a good change to be at an Amiga-only show for once. And that AmigaONE running Linux ROCKED!!!"

"I can't WAIT!!! *drool* OS4 beta soooooooooooon!"

"Fleecy looked tired - it must be because he's worked his ass off for the last 12 months."

"After this I'm going to e-mail Hyperion EVERY DAY until it's ready!!!"

"OS4 made all my ancient no-longer-supported apps look modern. But I can't wait to see what OpenOffice and Mozilla and all the other new apps we're definitely getting look like on it!"

"At this rate, we'll be able to play Quake even faster next year, and the year after that! Well done!"

"The Voxelspace demo DONT run less than half fast on OS4/G4 than it does on MOS/G3. Don't believe MOS trolls. They is stupid!"

"I've been an Amiga user for many years and loved to play racing games constantly. After all that time with Skidmarks, I just had to come to Bath."

OS4 presentation stuns the audience

We were totally blown away!

We also made a video of the event (45 minutes long) but the recording was too dark to see anything. So in the end we had to scrap it. Still, we know we don't need to provide anything to all the fans - they'll wait impatiently and buy the stuff anyway. Shows like this can only help to build on this absolute determination. And we at WrongPlanet will be there to give you our report. Will 2004 be the year of OS4? (again?) Article Manager module by by George! Software.

The comments are owned by the poster. We are not responsible for its content.
Oh my gawd
Posted on: 2003-12-17 09:31:07   By: Anonymous
OH my gawd!!! This is by far the worst article on wrongpla.net....What a desperate attempt to be funny.....

Is this the end of Wrongpla.net?
Is this the beginning of "My MOS/8081 system is zillion lightyears ahead of your AmigaOS4 G10 533THz system?" bullsh|t?

But what Am I complaining, this gets moderated anyway....For not being funny...

    Re: Oh my gawd
    Posted on: 2003-12-17 18:08:42   By: Anonymous
    In what way is that article "My Mos is better than your OS4"?

    Re: Oh my gawd
    Posted on: 2003-12-17 18:53:14   By: Anonymous
    Hehe...gotta love it. First the Red Side call the articles unfunny when the Blue Side laugh. Then the Blue Side call the articles unfunny when the Red Side laugh.

    Can't you just admit that your sides are just laughable to everyone else?

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