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Pegasos 2 review by Ben Hermans
by hesdeadjim on 03/08/2004 08:55 AM
Early draft of a Pegasos II review for amigaworld.net users appeared.

The Pegasos II, Genesi's marketleading hardware platform, recently was put into production again after a couple of dry and longing weeks for customers. As we learned today Ben Hermans, the lawyer himself, among others received his Pegasos II aswell.

While we were checking our black mailbox today morning we were shocked when finding an envelope entitled "Gensei PegasOS 2 review". Of course we immediately drove home, not afraid of any thinkable detours to shake off pursuers, to keep our hiding place secret. After arriving home a couple of days later there was no holding back anymore and impatiently we ripped open this seemingly interesting envelope.

We were stunned after reading what has been inside the envelope and the content slowly seeped into our minds.

We are going to publish this letter unchanged as-is, so you all can enjoy what awaits you in the near future.

Hello DaveyD, would you please be so kind to publish this when OS4 gets possibly delayed again end of march. Thanks in advance, Ben.

Here's the newsitem:

Hello fellow Amigans and uneducated americans. As a matter of fact I ordered a PegasOS II quite a while back for the sole purpose to review it for you.

- I was particularly underwhelmed by what I've seen

- any idiot can make 32bit icons

- you must be an idot if you think window refresh has to be fast

- dma drivers are just for the

- our FPU emulation is now much better than the MorphOS FPU emulation.

- the radeon drivers worked somehow but the good part is that all OS4 radeon issues have been addressed aswell.

guess another "assistance please" e-mail went babbling about "bottom feeders".

The fact of the matter is that there is no Articia S bug, simply a problem with the LINUX (not OS4 drivers) drivers which under very high stress on occassion might give rise to issues because they are not aware of the Articia S's ability to allow for concurrent memory access by the PCI bus and the CPU.

Needless to say this concurrent access is a designed in feature which cuts down dramatically on latency because you do not need to disengage either the CPU or the PCI bus all the time like you do on most x86 based mobo's.

The Linux VIA 6896B drivers certainly didn't cope with that.

Mai and Linux developers working with Mai are now in the process of adapting the drivers to make them aware of this Articia S feature, much in the line of the proposal put forward by Bernd Meyer.

Needless to say that OS 4 was never going to suffer from this issue in the first place.

Small recap:

1. L2 cache not enabled

2. debuglevel erroneously set to 10 instead of 0

3. Smartrefresh not enabled

4. graphics subsystem and graphics driver in 68K code

At least points 1-3 can easily be cured and we're working on 4.


OS4 will be much better than MorphOS. As a fact of the matter AmigaOS 4 is developed by hyperion but it is more amigaos than the morphos developers can ever hope to be in their wildest dreams. Genesi have a lot of people relationated with amiga but Amiga Operating System is the only true thing.

Wait for Amiga Operating System, it is coming next month !!

It is rather hilarious that you already complaining about performance problems when you have never actually used the product.

You strike me as one of those "experts" that also claimed our emulation concept could not work etc.

The word dilletant comes to mind.

I did some benchmarks and achived roughly 80mb per second. In contrast to that when we ran some benchmark on the A1-G4 some time back, we got the same results DaveP is getting.

On an AmigaOne you get around 550 MB/s on write performance and around 1.5 GB/S on read performance.

L1 cache speed is 4 GB/s and L2 cache 3 GB/S.

The problem is that you need to watch out not to pollute the benchmarks by measuring the performance of the underlying OS components.

I do agree however that comparing a 600 Mhz machine equipped with a infinitely faster memory architecture and on die L2 cache with the crippled L2 less PegasOS is completely pointless. Article Manager module by by George! Software.

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