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Genesi PWO project revealed!
by samuraijack on 09/09/2004 11:54 PM
You've heard of the ODW project. But have you heard of its predecessor, the PWO (Piss Webmasters Off) project? WrongPlanet spills the beans!

Heeeeeere's Wayne!
You all be aware of Freescale's ODW project, in collusion with Genesi SARL. But did you all know about the presence of the PWO project?

PWO (Piss Webmasters Off), as WrongPlanet can exclusively reveal, began about a year ago but is not widely known. It began with an attempt by Genesi to lose the support of webmasters of important Amiga community forums. To this end, they plied them with large amounts of cash, and got them to do lame and pointless jobs. As the story goes, when they failed to do the lame jobs, they stopped the cash. Voila, instant pissed off webmaster.

We spoke to Bill Buck, evil chieftan of Genesi, as he came back from his daily devil worship. "Well, pissing off Bouma was easy and fun," he told us. "We just did that for kicks. But then we found an unprecedented number of people visiting the forums.

"That was strange, we thought. If we posted some really positive news, it was always ignored (or spammed to oblivion by Samface) and we got zero publicity. If we put up banners nobody clicked them or just blocked them. If we wrote press releases nobody cared. But if we started controversy, wow, it advertised itself like you wouldn't believe!"

"And here's the kicker. Even though we got many people on our side, we also created lots of enemies. But the enemies turned out to be the ones who had already bought an AmigaONE and would never buy a Pegasos anyway! It seems bad publicity really is good publicity after all."

WrongPlanet can also reveal that any aspiring webmasters who want to be pissed off can still sign up to the PWO project! All you have to do, is contact Genesi and they will allow you to pick your own job description.

Since this has been hard for some people, we can assist and give you a small table of job descriptions. Roll two dice, and consult the chart!

2-3 - Sanitations manager (toilet cleaner)
4 - Refreshments manager (guy who fetches the tea)
5-6 - Public relations manager (forum troll)
7 - Developer relations manager (also forum troll)
8-9 - Website designer (no work is necessary)
10 - Raquel Velasco's official fur coat dry cleaner
11 - CTO
12 - CEO

Don't worry about competence or experience, they don't matter since you probably won't be doing any real work anyway. Then all you have to do is wait until the cash is flowing. This might take a while, depending on how many XBox games the MorphOS developers demand in the present financial quarter. Once the cash is present, Genesi will wait until your lifestyle acclimatises to it, then shut off the money suddenly, with a nasty and condescending e-mail. You too can be pissed beyond your wildest dreams!*

*DISCLAIMER: WrongPlanet is not liable for damages or embarrassment caused by pissed webmasters making really dumb comments in public forums.

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No Subject
Posted on: 2004-09-10 18:05:45   By: Anonymous
That article pissed me off.

    Posted on: 2004-09-12 09:32:25   By: Anonymous
    Were you payed to be pissed off ?

Posted on: 2004-09-14 22:26:14   By: Anonymous
Damnit, that's exactly what I felt.

    Teh bbrv´s eater!!!!!!!1111
    Posted on: 2004-09-17 18:41:14   By: Anonymous
    My dog is pissed off too



      Re: Teh bbrv´s eater!!!!!!!1111
      Posted on: 2004-09-18 16:37:56   By: samuraijack
      Man, that is SCARY. Ever thought about waxing those legs?

        Re: Teh bbrv´s eater!!!!!!!1111
        Posted on: 2004-09-22 00:37:12   By: Anonymous
        No, because I collect hairs


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