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Breaking News: ANN.lu webmaster fired
by hesdeadjim on 02/06/2004 08:39 PM
Webmaster of ANN.lu violently let go.

Christian Kemp, webmaster of ANN.lu, one of the most successful Amiga related websites on the planet, today heralded that he has resigned from Genesi, the company known for rare hardware and a missing "s" in its name. To be blunt, this came as a surprise (or a shock as we are tempted to say) to all of us for the reason that no one really knew he was ever employed at Genesi.

According to Kemp himself he was an employee of Genesi between 15th december 2003 and 5th february 2004. We were not able to verify this but word has it that he was at one point delivering Pegasos II mainboards for Genesi. However, what we know for sure is that during his employment he decided to remove any advertisements of his presumed employer from his website only leaving a message at the now empty advertising space telling the world that he was ripped off.

Of course we could not resist and started our big and slow investigation apparatus. Interviewing some of his closer friends and Thomas Dellert of DCE, we discovered - quite contrary to Kemp's story - that he was actually fired for receiving - according to Dellert - "more than 100 traffic tickets in one single day" while picking up and delivering Pegasos II boards.

No one from Genesi was available for an official comment on such short notice. Nonetheless we were able to talk to an anonymous source, a close friend of Kemp, about the issues involved: "Raquel and I only asked him to drive to deliver some Pegasos, not to set a new land speed record. Driving at 15 km/h, he exceeded the Luxembourg speed limits by about 28 times."

Live-Action shots

Rumour has it that Genesi's voluntarily obligation to pay all the traffic tickets was the true reason why some of Genesi's employees and a couple of website ads could not be paid until late last month.

We'll keep you updated.
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Posted on: 2004-02-07 00:04:06   By: Anonymous
Seems you guys are getting better all the time.
Although this wasn't as funny as the previous story, it still was a good laugh :)

But did Christian really put up those banners with the statement that he was ripped of? Didn't pay attention to them

Cheers, Amon_Re

    Re: Heh
    Posted on: 2004-02-07 16:42:56   By: Anonymous
    I like to know why he stopped working there. But I guess that will
    never come out in the open.

      Re: Huh
      Posted on: 2004-02-08 03:34:58   By: Anonymous
      After resigning it wouldn't make much sense for him to continue working there.

    Re: Heh
    Posted on: 2004-02-10 17:28:44   By: Anonymous
    Cool, does that mean if it doesn't arrive within half an hour I get it free?

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