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MorphOS core developers to commision their own statues
by samuraijack on 02/04/2005 07:39 PM
"MorphOS? We can't continue that until we've been rewarded for how great we are," say MorphOS developers, as resources go into the building of giant statues to celebrate the elite behind MOS.

Ralph has been working out
Having dismissed Genesi some months ago, the MorphOS core developer group was at somewhat of an impasse. They split with Genesi, MorphOS was in crisis, their community was angry and frustrated, they'd run out of XBox games. There hadn't been such a low point since Halo 2 was delayed in stores, and the developers, languishing in their secret IRC channels, lost faith.

But hope returned today with the suggestion of a project that would reward their general superioriness - self-appreciation statues! These statues had originally been promised by Genesi, but that plan had fallen through when Genesi ran into financial problems, and the statue idea was buried with MorphOS. But today it just reawakened with the striking of a new deal between Genesi and the MorphOS core devs.

"We have comissioned statues of us to be built and placed in the gardens of the bPlan villa," said Sigbjørn Skjæret, otherwise known as CISC. "It's an exciting new project for us that should finally reward us for being so much better than everyone else."

"We originally had planned to have them built by Genesi, of course," CISC explained. "But then Genesi turned around and said they could no longer supply the statues as we had wanted them and as intended. Talks broke down and MorphOS floundered. But we broke the deadlock when we compromised and agreed the statues would only be 20 metres tall."

Mark Olsen, aka Bigfoot, described the statues. "They'll be much bigger than anyone else's statues, and much better. We don't need benchmarks to prove this. All our time and energy will go into them. Then we'll charge a hundred euros a time for people to come and see them, and record the praises on a huge bronze plaque announcing our names and what we've done for the community just by being so great."

He laughed, "It's really been hard to get through all these years without being adulated and adored as we should except by working and producing software. For a while there we almost became as crap as the rest of you. Haha!"

However, both CISC and Bigfoot avoided any questions about MorphOS point-blank, so we went to one of the more sensible developers, Harry "Piru" Sintonen. When we asked him whether MorphOS would be left to rot while the developers went on personal ego trips, he said, "I don't care as long as my statue has a big schlong."

It seems now that MorphOS 1.5 will only be released once these statues are in place, so that we can worship the great minds behind such classics as enforced simple refresh and the "Buy a Router" craze.

And even better news, the first statue is already built, in honour of David "Zapek" Gerber. It is said to be a very fitting tribute.

Thx for Ambient
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Good grief.
Posted on: 2005-02-06 06:23:20   By: Anonymous
When will you guys realize that you are not funny! :)

    Re: Good grief.
    Posted on: 2005-02-06 08:46:41   By: Anonymous
    NEVER! So STFU and go to AW.. oh it's down haha!

      Re: Good grief.
      Posted on: 2005-02-06 11:00:58   By: Anonymous
      Yeah bite the hands that feed you ..clever!

      Mock the devs that bring you MorphOS. How very original

        Re: Good grief.
        Posted on: 2005-02-06 12:10:49   By: Anonymous
        This article sucks11!! We need to march and attack red side, not blue side!! ;-)

        Re: Good grief.
        Posted on: 2005-02-06 14:33:55   By: samuraijack
        We mock anything we want to mock - and that we think needs mocked. It's like, duh, a satire site.

        As for the hand that feeds us - we haven't been fed much lately, by the way. :)

          Re: Good grief.
          Posted on: 2005-02-06 16:09:07   By: Anonymous

      Re: Good grief.
      Posted on: 2005-02-06 21:26:18   By: Anonymous

      We can life without the developers MorphOS
      but can they live without our money too?

      signed: customer with money

        Re: Good grief.
        Posted on: 2005-02-06 21:33:37   By: Anonymous
        Voyager is the most sucking browser I ever used !!!!

        signed: customer with money

        Re: Good grief.
        Posted on: 2005-02-08 20:27:52   By: Anonymous

        Signed: Developer with ego

          Re: Good grief.
          Posted on: 2005-02-24 00:13:02   By: Anonymous
          It is better than iBrowse...

            Re: Good grief.
            Posted on: 2005-02-24 20:01:22   By: Anonymous
            Oh no it's not. :)

No Subject
Posted on: 2005-02-12 17:04:59   By: Anonymous
The statues will only be available as private builds to a small amount of people. That way Hyperion can't steal the idea.

    Posted on: 2006-11-09 09:19:36   By: Anonymous
    Wot no t-shirts?

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