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AmigaF: The next big thing for all Amigans
by hesdeadjim on 10/16/2004 01:04 PM
Fast cars and scantily-clad females is all we want.

It's RED!!!11
Hello fellow Amigans and welcome to this text!!!

I want to build the AmigaF, bringing the 12 cylinders, the 4 wheels and the exhaust to the Amiga family.

Finally a car worthy to be called a car and this at a price people are willing and able to pay! For individuals the car will be available at NO COST, manufacturer and dealer mark-ups will be covered by a unique coupon-scheme. Naturally many will be sceptical about this project, but we CANNOT fail because we will SUCCEED!

We are NOT asking you to pay for a complete car at all, NO! All we are asking for is a donation to aid in purchasing the 'Ferrari 512 TR', a fast sports car from Italy, where we will apply a paint-job to fit the needs of every Amigan out there! We will be driving like crazy up and down steep slopes, the autobahn and even cutting corners of dangerous serpentines, impressing the female population like never before. This is the beauty of this project and the BEST thing is: THE CAR ALREADY EXISTS! It CANNOT possibly be a fraud, scam or another doomed Amiga revival project, NO! THINK ABOUT IT.

To purchase the car as well as the paint required including brushes and buckets we need to raise 6,000,000 USD from donations. You can donate as little as 1,000 USD or as much as 12,000,000 USD if you like, but REMEMBER: we are charged a really small fee on every transaction, so make it at least a couple of thousand dollars/pounds/euros to cover the costs and make it worthwhile for us.

Also, the empty house at St. Johns Street 42 is our preferred place to deposit the collected money but a PayPal donation service is also provided for convenience. So if you want to donate, just drop your money into the postbox there and MODESTLY go away.

We are sure YOU will like this project as much as we do and we are certain that YOU will enable us to make our dream come true.
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No Subject
Posted on: 2004-10-17 22:41:06   By: Anonymous
will the car come in blue too ?

Posted on: 2004-10-18 00:11:26   By: Anonymous
I won't donate unless you provide Boing Ball wheel caps.

-Red Devil

    Re: Humm
    Posted on: 2004-10-18 00:25:01   By: Anonymous
    The previous model had several faults,
    One of which meant you couldn`t use the gearbox and the engine at the same time, the dealer just told it`s customers to go and buy a new gearbox.

    Is this fixed on the newer model?

      Re: Humm
      Posted on: 2004-10-18 08:09:39   By: Anonymous
      I will only donate if it has dual-G5 PPC built into its navigation system!!!11

      Re: Humm
      Posted on: 2004-10-18 10:24:30   By: Anonymous
      "The previous model had several faults,
      One of which meant you couldn`t use the gearbox and the engine at the same time, the dealer just told it`s customers to go and buy a new gearbox.

      Is this fixed on the newer model?"

      Well kind of. The very same engine and gearbox is still being used in this newer model, but an additional gearbox is mounted as well!

      Re: Humm
      Posted on: 2004-10-20 13:37:00   By: Anonymous
      It's the customers' own fault!!!!111
      The dealer clearly said that you might need to empty the ashtray in the future, so the customers should have known that the gearbox (and the clutch, and the brakes, and the crankshaft, ...) was broken.
      That the dealer didn't explicitly say there was anything wrong, and that he even repeatedly insisted that there was nothing wrong with the car doesn't matter!!!1

More details.
Posted on: 2004-10-19 00:45:38   By: Anonymous
An announcement on aros.org declared that AROS has already been ported to run on the fuel ECU.

    Re: More details.
    Posted on: 2004-11-18 22:54:52   By: Anonymous
    Sounds like what every man wants....fast women, and loose cars

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