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Helgis missing !!!
by samuraijack on 08/29/2005 04:19 PM
Fears grow for the vulnerable Amiga user known as "Helgis" as he fails to return from the PUSH computer show.

Doors mislabelled by Buck and blue trolls !!!

"Wouldn't it be great if Hyperion would talk to Sony to get them to port OS4 to the PS3?"

This is the kind of statement made by AmigaWorld's Helgis. He is only person to destroy a thousand dollar AmigaONE XE motherboard by attempting to overclock it, even when there was no OS to run on it. As you can understand, AmigaWorld staff are very protective of this vulnerable person, in the same way one might protect a small, feeble cabbage from a horde of hungry rabbits.

Unfortunately their vigilance has relaxed of late. Poor Helgis was left to go alone to PUSH, a PPC computer show held this year in Sweden, and hasn't been seen since.

"It's thought that he got lost at PUSH because of surreptitious labeling of doors in English," said Detective Inspector Bjørg Bjørgsen-Bjørg-Liikarschen, police officer in charge of the missing-person investigation. "On one side the doors said 'pull', but on the other 'push', probably misleading the youngster around in circles as he looked for his computer show. Then he may have got tired and lay down somewhere to sleep."

DI Bjørgsen-Bjørg-Liikaarschen also played down fears that Helgis might have been eaten by an Elk. "This is impossible. However, my sister's aunt's brother Helga was once bitten by a moose. Now, a moose bite can be pretti nasti. Not as bad as an Elk bite, more like an Elk nibble, but still enough to make you drop the moose-tongs and let the children go hungry another winter."

Searches are still ongoing. "We are confident that we will find him safe and well," said Bjørgsen-Bjørg-Liikarschen. "He was carrying an AmigaONE XE system, and as soon as he turns it on every radio detector in Sweden will know where he is. Sweden has a lovely telephone system that he can use if meets any hungry elks or even the occassional moose. It's very nice. Sweden is very nice. Why not come here this yår for your holidays? We promise to do something about the elks."

We'll keep you updated.

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Posted on: 2005-11-06 19:35:01   By: Anonymous
Oh, be Nice!

BTW as regards Other OS Easter Eggs in OS4, there is one! But it's earlier than AROS....

And it's in Uboot....

    Re: Helgis
    Posted on: 2005-12-09 15:36:53   By: samuraijack
    How can it be earlier than AROS when AROS existed six or seven years before the A1 version of UBoot?

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