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Mikey_C organises exodus from Amigans.net
by samuraijack on 11/28/2006 10:27 PM
Unhappy with the number of wrongthinkers attracted to his exclusive new site, Mikey_C organises another migration of the faithful

Mikey Carillo, Amiga Protector
and general hero

Fresh from defending fellow Amigans from lead-containing poisoned Genesi products, Amiga Protector Mikey Carillo took some time off protecting the Amiga from the forces of Genesi and spoke to us exclusively at WrongPlanet.

WrongPlanet: Hi Mikey, thanks for being here and answering questions. We've been reading Moobunny and found a thread documenting your new OS4-centric site, Amigans.net.

Mikey_C: Don't believe anything you read in Moobunny. Only people who have been pushed out of other Amiga sites for their extremist views go there.

WP: Uhm, quite. But it was right in that you have a new site?

MC: ...

WP: Well, we were just interested in hearing this rumour that, after organising an exodus from Amiga.org, then AmigaWorld.net, you're already unhappy with Amigans.net?

MC: Certainly. After all the trouble I went to pre-emptively ban troublemakers (because I know I am right and they are wrong), it began to happen all over again. People disagreeing with me. People slagging off the A1 by reporting bugs. Trolls flamebaiting by not agreeing with me. People getting annoyed at True Amigans like Atheist and Helgis. People disgracing the Amiga name by questioning the legitimate owner of the IPs, Amiga Incorporated (all rights reserved, please visit www.amiga.com for more information). Also, we had a spate of known blue trolls using their hacking abilities to register despite my bans.

WP: You mean like using '1' instead of 'i' in their nicks?

MC: See what kind of criminal negligence Buck taught their trolls just to destroy us? They're extremist lunatics. If I had my way they'd all die, and their children too. Then I'd go back in time with a gun and unload two barrels into their grandmother at the point of their conception! Bang! Squelch! Die, scum!

WP: Truly a practical solution.

Give it drugs to live
Atheist responds favourably
to new True Amigan site

MC: Anyway, it's time for a fresh start.

WP: Already?

MC: Why not? We have almost 100 registered users this time. If I manage to keep 10% of those like the last time, I'll have a site made up of just moderators. That'll be cool.

WP: What right do you have to take any power in this community? Are you a developer or an industry figure? Or a hardware distributer? Have you donated a lot to Amiga causes or supported many developers?

MC: I owned an Amiga once and I'm not insane or trolling, unlike you.

WP: Well, we all owned Amigas.

MC: According to new Amiga Incorporated (hallowed be thy name) guidelines, the name 'Amiga' can only be applied to current hardware such as the AmigaONE, micro AmigaONE, Troika, Samantha, and whatever boards I deem appropriate.

WP: Ok, what form will this new-new site take?

MC: Well, I was thinking about a site with just me in control, you know, where I have to personally permit every post that goes there, to stop all this trolling and slagging Amiga Incorporated (Patents and Intellectual Properties rights of their respective owners). On Amigans.net I had a staff of Amiga Protectors, but I sometimes have doubts to their motivation. I was stabbed in the back by so-called "moderators" on AmigaWorld.net, and I won't repeat this.

WP: Mikey, have you ever considered that nobody really likes you?

MC: Impossible. I am a True Amiga hero and legend.

WP: Well, let's ask our panel of experts. Panel, what do you think about...

Wegster: Asshole.

Bodie: He's an asshole.

Wayne Hunt: Mikey_C is almost as much as an asshole as KennyR.

Mikey_C's ex-wife: The guy's a definite asshole. And there's no way he's getting his CDs back now.

Fleecy: He's an asshole.

MC: Fleecy??

Fleecy: Within rigidly definited e-perameters. Sorry Mikey, it's the market you know, if you're not part of the envelope you're being diametrically unscaled. Caio.

WP: Uhm, thanks, panel.

MC: Well, time for this little trolling thread to come to an end.

(Time passes.)

MC: Nnng. Unnggh! Grrr!

WP: Mikey, what are you doing? There's no delete button here. It's just an interview.

MC: Fuck.

Kronos meets his end
Not one of us!!!
Not one of us!!!

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...its one of the bodysnatchers!
Posted on: 2006-12-06 01:54:13   By: Anonymous
carillo is joselito
carillo is a bowl full of pop
carillo is president and
carillo is the favorite
carillo is an outspoken non
carillo is a little on the steep side
carillo is excellent; john mcenroe talks way too much
carillo is only one of three showy tries gutierrez claimed to have made to bring in carillo
carillo is bashing her because she's concealing some kind of puppy
carillo is making the rods and mtc engineering is making the pistons
carillo is that consciously or subconsciously they see the williams sisters as "party crashers
carillo is a tent
carillo is facing a 5th dwi conviction
carillo is plenty amusing as argandeau

carillo is wanted by the holland police department on a warrant for felony criminal sexual conduct
carillo is dat er nog drie slapende vulkanen verblijven
carillo is dead
carillo is specifically charged with skimming tens of thousands of dollars from the credit card accounts of unsuspecting gold club patrons and shuttling that
carillo is now officially laying it on thick
carillo is just your average guy
carillo is a protected area of almost 500 square kms with an enormous biodiversity of plants and animals

carillo is having the time of his life

Good Subject
Posted on: 2006-12-07 00:47:42   By: Anonymous
but poorly done
...not funny

Very funny!
Posted on: 2006-12-07 01:26:29   By: Anonymous
So funny I remembered to laugh! We all must be worried about being diametrically unscaled.

Bang on target!
Posted on: 2006-12-07 11:34:59   By: Anonymous
Bang on target! :-)

Posted on: 2006-12-07 18:55:59   By: Anonymous
I'm still pissing myself at the image with the "Mikey Carillo, Amiga Protector and general hero" caption. Keep up the good work, an Amiga related site that makes me laugh!

    Re: ROFL
    Posted on: 2006-12-08 18:51:48   By: Anonymous
    you guys mixed up the pictures.

    That is Atheist in the top picture, and that is Mikey_C playing it straight in the white jacket

      Re: ROFL
      Posted on: 2006-12-08 20:43:28   By: Anonymous
      To be honest, that neanderthal man looks more like Mike Bouma

Posted on: 2006-12-08 21:39:57   By: Anonymous
My blog has WAAAAAAAAAAY more interesting news:

my blog

- Darth_X

    Re: *yawn*
    Posted on: 2006-12-09 22:54:53   By: Anonymous
    Not in good taste at all very imature indeed
    Im glad the AMIGA community has ppl like Michael Corello he is a top bloke and A REAL AMIGA enthusiest !!!!!

      Re: *yawn*
      Posted on: 2006-12-10 16:03:48   By: Anonymous
      Pity he isn't enthusiastic about the *real* amiga - just some broken Frieden knockoff. And he didn't even buy it - he rigged a poll to get it from the same site he now says is the blue devil-site!

        Re: *yawn*
        Posted on: 2006-12-11 00:26:50   By: Anonymous
        So its like Bush with those dodgy elections?

        I wonder if there's any chance of impeaching Mikey_C?


      Re: *yawn*
      Posted on: 2006-12-10 16:06:30   By: Anonymous
      Im glad the amiga community has people who can spell

        Re: ROFL
        Posted on: 2006-12-10 19:31:28   By: Anonymous

          Re: ROFL
          Posted on: 2006-12-14 18:24:57   By: Anonymous
          Somehow I managed to edit someone else's post...

            Re: ROFL
            Posted on: 2006-12-16 03:56:22   By: Anonymous
            you're teh grate!

            Re: ROFL
            Posted on: 2006-12-16 19:26:48   By: Anonymous
            zomg u=teh bbrv

No Subject
Posted on: 2006-12-17 01:28:58   By: Anonymous
teh rael true amiga(TM) portal si www.amigans.com !!!!!!!!111111

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