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A day in the life of...
by ashiq on 06/02/2005 10:43 PM
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A day in the life of Matt Sealey, aka Neko

It may surprise you, but Matt, who we'll call Neko from now on, writes a diary in which he keeps a very detailed account of what he does during the day. It may even surprise you more to find out Neko is actually a really really nice guy, just a bit missunderstood, and he gladly gave us a look in his diary. Although this dates back to some time early 2004 it still provides enough interesting information. So here it is, a day in the life of Neko, uncensored, for all to read and enjoy the daily troubles of this truly nice guy.

Dear Diary:

Kiss me I am beautiful, witness here again another day....

Argh, woke up from the alarm, I always set it at odd times because why should I set it at even rounded times? It just makes no logical sense. I hate waking up, but I will accept my fate with dignity. First thing I do after getting up is feeding the cats. I walk out to the backyard where my 23 cats are kept in a fenced part of the yard, they are quite mean to anyone but me. I feed them the chicken legs I used for last night's voodoo session (I rather don't go into details, but let's say it's about a certain webmaster and a jar of lard).

The cats were really wild last night, maybe something scared them? I hope that voodoo session went right though. I have been singing "Wayne is sooo fired" all evening. I prepare my breakfast and check the amiga message boards for news. Yeah! Wayne has been fired, I just read on ann.lu, cool! I'll be back later to leave my witty remarks, but hop on irc first to find out the latest. Argh, people have been dcc sending me tons of files, I hate that so much, but there must be a reason why I auto accept dcc requests, just don't know why anymore. I delete most of the files, except for the porn Poly sent me, jummy :-9

After breakfast (real cheddar!) and a nice warm shower I feel refreshed and ready to spread my wisdom on irc. I hop on a few channels, but people are so annoying to me, they just keep bugging me, fukking ratfaced idiots!! I swear to them a few times, get banned and won't bother going on irc anymore for today. It sucks being missunderstood! 'Cause I am really a nice guy, really. Dear diary, how can I effectively spread my kindness upon this unforsaken world? To get my mind of this nagging problem I check today's email. A mail from Olly, the f-ucker wants me to continue work on V, but I told him he should bugger off! I am sick of that mess he calls sourcecode, I write a small note to Poly to pay Olly a visit some day. It's cool to have a big mean friend :-) Ah cool, I have been forwarded the email Wayne has been sent to inform him that he has been fired. I'm sure this is not without any special intention and keep the email safe for a later date. I am certain it will be of use....

I walk out the door to get the mail after having enjoyed a nice warm lunch (kidney pudding with warm marmelade and some buttered teacake). I toss the bills in the bin and open a personal letter from Ralph Schmidt. That guy must have a hard head, he has been writing me these tender letters since months now. Goddamn fuctard!!1 Get off my back, I am taken! I make a mental note to have Buck dump morphos, it's just no good for our business :-)

Teh Neko
Our beloved Matt

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A day in the life of...
Tea time
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No Subject
Posted on: 2005-06-11 16:53:10   By: Anonymous
Really nice, Neko I love you!!!

    Posted on: 2005-06-11 16:53:53   By: Anonymous
    Really hot blonde girl. I want sex with you now!!!!!!!!!!

      Re: Re:
      Posted on: 2005-06-11 16:56:13   By: Anonymous
      Guy? She is a beautiful blonde girl! What *bleep*tard said she is he? It must be an idiot!!

        Re: huh?
        Posted on: 2005-06-13 02:31:38   By: Anonymous
        Rogue outlaw site Amiga.Org once again managed to bring the news others try to censor: http://www.amiga.org/

        Check it out, spread the word, so the world may know!

          Re: huh?
          Posted on: 2005-06-26 19:25:06   By: Anonymous
          Since when did Amiga.org ever pioneer unbiased free speech?

            Re: huh?
            Posted on: 2006-10-19 09:34:29   By: Anonymous
            Since Amigaworld.net became its competitor? :-P

why oh why?
Posted on: 2005-06-26 14:41:16   By: Anonymous
you have reminded Neko about his work ? Now he posts everywhere!!

No Subject
Posted on: 2005-06-26 22:36:57   By: Anonymous
We need "A day in the life of... Helgis!11!!!!1!!!11111"

Posted on: 2005-08-30 13:30:29   By: Anonymous
*bleep* off you *bleep*ing *bleep*s, I am gonna *bleep* you *bleep*ing twats so bad you *bleep*ing wish you were for *bleep* *bleep*ing never *bleep*ing born. *bleep*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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