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New Hardware Designs from ACK Software Controls, Inc.
by hesdeadjim on 04/24/2007 09:09 PM
New Hardware Designs and New Hardware Coming from ACK Software Controls, Inc. and Amiga, Inc.

Two New Hardware Designs for the Amiga Operating System are on their way.

Issaquah, Wash and Fonthill, ON - April 22, - After months of designs and negotiations Amiga, Inc. and ACK Software Controls, Inc. are pleased to announce that new hardware is on its way for Amiga users.

"I have been working on these designs with Amiga for almost 12 months and have been able to create two new designs that will fully support the needs and desires of today's Amiga user, while opening the doors for new users, said Adam Kowalczyk President of ACK Software Controls, Inc.

Initially, two systems will be produced that address two different market needs. The first is a consumer entry design that will offer a complete product with a target price point of USD 500.00, while the second will be of a power design that would have a target price point of USD 1,500.00. The PowerPC architecture will continue to be the architecture of choice for these new systems.

"ACK and Amiga have spent many months working on designs and working with various manufacturers to create great products with a competitive price point. We will be working with the Amiga retailers over the coming weeks to solidify launch and support plans", said Bill McEwen of Amiga, Inc.

Manufacturing and final price information along with product launch schedules will be following in the next week.

About Amiga
Amiga, Inc. is the world's premier provider of multimedia enabling technologies. For almost two decades its award-winning software has been a mainstay for motion picture studios, multimedia creators, and digital entertainment enthusiasts around the world. Today Amiga builds on the stupidity of the Amiga community to buy any *bleep* they may have to offer. Be it Party Packs, Coupons or just anything that you could think of. For more information on con games visit www.amiga.com.

About ACK
ACK Software Controls, Inc. specializes in the area of announcements for use in expectation creation where promises play a big part of their success.

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Posted on: 2007-04-25 19:34:31   By: Anonymous
teh true amika!!!!! :)

    Re: brilliant
    Posted on: 2007-04-30 23:43:54   By: Anonymous
    si teh new amiga!!!!!!!11111

      Re: brilliant
      Posted on: 2007-05-02 19:22:52   By: Anonymous
      2007 si teh new year of amiga!!!!!111 AMIGA LIVES!!! FCUK MOPHROS!!!!111111111111111111

        Re: brilliant
        Posted on: 2007-05-06 22:20:00   By: Anonymous
        God Save Amiga Inc

          Re: brilliant
          Posted on: 2007-05-09 18:51:07   By: Anonymous
          I am the great CU_Amiga, I am a spotty teenager that will probably remain a virgin until I decide enough's enough and end up getting my knob wet in Thailand, or maybe Amsterdam. yes, Amsterdam would be good, cos then I could get stoned too. What language do they speak in Holland by the way???

            Re: brilliant
            Posted on: 2007-05-16 01:26:16   By: Anonymous
            One of denmarks official languages i guess.

Posted on: 2007-10-25 21:28:30   By: Anonymous
"ACK"...Is that not the sound a person makes when choking on a ROM chip?

    Re: Respiration
    Posted on: 2007-11-03 13:02:06   By: Anonymous
    I thought it was the sound of Anti-Aircraft fire

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