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by samuraijack on 12/28/2004 12:05 AM
Amiga Inc. finally and decisively push away all doubts of their current solvency, competence and above all their commercial state of being-aliveness with a posting of a Christmas message.

Amiga fans exploring this great news.
Ye Gods!

Yes, it's true. Amiga Inc. (aka Amino aka KMOS aka "On Schedule and rockin'" aka "Bill McE's Fasta Taxis 4U") are ALIVE !!!

For months we had heard rumours, whispers from the shadows. Subtle tremblings in the ground and in the water. The heavens whispered potent words. We found boing ball shapes in the tea leaves. Ray Akey kept telling AmigaWorld regulars that something really big was round the corner, something wonderful, and he never ever does that. Ever.

We didn't believe him. We scoffed. We dismissed the hard working webmaster of Amiga.com like he was a nobody. To our eternal shame we were doubters.

But this Christmas all doubts were masterfully shoved aside when Amiga.com posted a Christmas message. Unlike previous announcements it was actually accurate, since it was Christmas at the time. From this first glint of truth from the Amiga Inc camp, it became immediately clear to all that Amiga Inc were alive, back in business, and that all their promises were about to come manifest. In just a few more weeks, it's just around the corner.

So the anti-AInc fanatics are finally proven wrong, and about time too. Their tired dogma that maybe AInc existed only in name or that Ray had lost the sites password or something was finally dispelled. Their posting of negative statements about Amiga Inc. at least once every four months was getting tiresome, and it was unconstructive and damaged the community, since only negativity and not incompetence, con tricks, inaction, ripping people off, or complete lack of a product can damage a community.

With our tails between our legs, we asked Ray Akey about what this amazing change in the fortunes of Amiga.

"Something big is coming, just around the corner, just a few more weeks!" he told us. We'd never heard him talk like that before and were afraid.

The forums respond !!! :dancingbanana:

The Amiga community forums erupted with the kind of near-orgasmic jubilation normally associated with the pro-Amiga Inc crowd as the news broke. AmigaWorld.net was down for hours from the traffic caused by the posting of four million dancing banana animgifs. A moving wall of drool almost ten metres high set off tsunami alerts in England. Paramedics had to be called out to Italy where the excitement put several people into seizures. Doctors have advised all Italian Amiga users to not read the news and try to go back to the much lesser fever pitch excitement of beta version screenshots and new glowicons.

But where were the doubters, where were the naysayers? Where were the spineless unbelievers, the blue heretics and the x86 lamers? The usual barrage of one or two junk posts from these worthless types did not materialise. There were conflicting reports that some did post, but then seemed to delete their own comments, almost as if the staff of Amiga.org and AmigaWorld.net were doing it! But we know those site's webmasters and moderators would never mutilate free speech like that, especially at Christmas. So it must have just been sheer shame that made them delete their own comments. Even claiming biased moderation is typical of these terminal pessimists. Arr, we don't want their type around 'ere!

We interview the community!

Guess who followed these lessons.
After Ray, we rushed to interview other leading members of the community, and found Wayne Hunt, celebrated webmaster of Amiga.org, who practically is the community, despite not having touched an Amiga since the first Gulf War.

WrongPlanet: Hi Wayne, what do you think of the big news?

Wayne Hunt: I believe that Genesi are the best thing that ever happened to the Amiga community. They supplied a product, supported the developer community, and provided a stable, affordable and practical hardware platform.

WP: Wah?! Genesi?!? WTF!

Wayne: Amiga Inc. I meant Amiga Inc. Don't print that. I didn't say it.

WP: Yes you did.

Wayne: No I didn't.

WP: Yes you did.

Wayne: No I didn't.

WP: Uh, okay. You should try to edit your old posts to actually change the names when you repost the same stuff from the clipboard. It worked for AmiDelf. :)

Wayne: Shut up you adolescent blonde cheerleader sycophants.

WP: Uhm, anyhooooo, since you have such a history of naively picking a side then getting screwed and fatally disillusioned...then not learning your lesson and doing it all over again, why is it you choose to support Amiga Inc. again? And to that end why do you clamp down on 'negative' posters in such a blatantly totalitarian way when you know from experience that they are right, and that Amiga Inc. lie every time they make an announcement and will ultimately do nothing but destroy the Amiga?

Wayne: Amiga Inc. are the best thing that ever happened to the community. They supplied a product, supported the developer community, and provided a stable, affordable and practical hardware platform.

WP: Wayne, Amiga Inc. didn't do any of those things.

Wayne: Yes they did.

WP: The AmigaONE was produced by Mai, sold by Eyetech, and OS4 was done by Hyperion and bankrolled by nobody. It's arguable whether you could ever call this lot a stable, affordable platform, for sure Amiga Inc didn't help in any of it!

Wayne: Yes they did.

WP: Proof?

Wayne: Yes they did.

WP: Now you're being petulant.

Wayne: I know you are, but what am I?

WP: Whatever. Wayne, seriously, don't you think it's awfully hypocritical of you the way you brand, censor and defame people who happen to be against your typical yearly infatuation as being childish, whining, negative and sycophantic when you ooze these qualities like a really big...oozy thing?

Wayne: I don't want negativity at my site any more, period.

WP: So you mean no criticism. You mean censorship. You mean mindless praise and optimism, you mean Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burns.

Wayne: No, I'm fed up of negative people posting crap just for the sake of it and bashing solutions I'm currently supporting.

WP: Us adults call that 'criticism', and not allowing it we call 'censorship'. I mean, AmigaWorld censors that and it's not exactly an intellectuals paradise. But at least they have the excuse of having an OS4 specific theme. You mean you'd rather let people, including yourself, get ripped off yet again for the sake of making justified negativity a scapegoat for all the wrongs and years of neglect caused by Amiga Inc?

Wayne: Amiga.org is my site and I can do what I like on it. If you don't like it you can go somewhere else.

WP: Isn't that what you said to the OS4 fans that made them all run away to AmigaWorld.net and turn sort of funny?

Wayne: Amiga.org is my site and I can do what I like on it. If you don't like it you can go somewhere else.

WP: Like I said, they did, because they got nothing but naked bias and derision from you while on the payroll of Genesi even though none of them were breaking the terms of service you clearly laid down. Now they're your bosom buddies again. And now you're at it again to the other side now you won't have anyone left at your site to make hypocritical lectures to make yourself feel superior. Are you sure you can survive that?

Wayne: Amiga.org is my site and I can do what I like on it. If you don't like it you can go somewhere else.

WP: Ok, time to stop this interview. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year, Wayne!

Wayne: Your negativity disgusts me. Article Manager module by by George! Software.

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Cheese wedgies
Posted on: 2004-12-28 21:40:58   By: Anonymous
Has KennyR been booted of amiga.org or something?

    Re: Cheese wedgies
    Posted on: 2004-12-28 21:55:44   By: Anonymous
    Why, should he?

      of course
      Posted on: 2004-12-28 22:17:07   By: Anonymous
      All enemies of the true faith must die!

        Re: of course
        Posted on: 2004-12-28 22:19:43   By: Anonymous
        So the latest wrong planet pouting story has nothing to do
        with this thread here then?


        wrongpla.net, such an intellectual paradise.

          Re: of course
          Posted on: 2004-12-28 22:25:55   By: Anonymous
          If you don't like it, don't come to the site.

          Re: of course
          Posted on: 2004-12-28 22:32:06   By: Anonymous
          And that's special among all the other times Wayne and KennyR argued in which way? :)

            Re: of course
            Posted on: 2004-12-29 17:09:40   By: Anonymous
              Edited By: samuraijack
            On: 2005-01-07 01:25:37
            Personal insult

    Re: Cheese wedgies
    Posted on: 2005-01-01 17:54:41   By: Anonymous
      Edited By: samuraijack
    On: 2005-01-07 01:26:04
    Personal insult

      Re: Cheese wedgies
      Posted on: 2005-01-01 20:34:14   By: Anonymous
      I am French but I am not Mahen. For you to know this you must have
      viewed my tcp address which means you are a wrongpla.net person.

      Re: Cheese wedgies
      Posted on: 2005-01-02 03:23:12   By: Anonymous

No Subject
Posted on: 2004-12-29 23:45:30   By: Anonymous
Wayne Hunt is a Fleecy supporter now LOL!

amiga.org is teh new amigaworld.net!!!!1!!11111

    Posted on: 2004-12-30 16:56:21   By: Anonymous
    Give it eight months and he'll be back with Genesi. Seems to be the pattern.

    Posted on: 2005-01-04 18:46:47   By: Anonymous
      Edited By: samuraijack
    On: 2005-01-07 01:24:28
    Personal insult via slightly amusing picture of Wayne's face pasted onto a tellytubby. And not very professionally.

    I win you loose!1111111111111

      Re: Re:
      Posted on: 2005-01-05 06:12:46   By: Anonymous

      Re: Re:
      Posted on: 2005-01-07 01:22:21   By: samuraijack
      Sorry guys, I'm going to sound like an old grandpa here, but I had to edit that post. Feel free to insult, irritate or poke fun at anyone politically here, after all it's a free and open place unlike the remaining Amiga sites. But we can't have personal insults I'm afraid. :-( So I have to remove that pic, even though its not actually very bad.

        Re: Re:
        Posted on: 2005-01-13 13:28:18   By: Anonymous
        Hello samuraijack

        Could you modify all www.amigacensorshipworld.net posts? Thanks

No Subject
Posted on: 2005-02-03 23:42:37   By: Anonymous
you people need to learn how to write some comedy

    Posted on: 2005-02-04 16:08:02   By: Anonymous
    You need to learn how to use shift on a keyboard.

Witness a hypocrite at work and be amazed
Posted on: 2005-02-14 00:47:32   By: Anonymous
Some recent juicy comments from Wayne Hunt:

As expected, anyone who speaks out against the Guerilla Marketing arm of Genesi is shouted down as "stupid" and "moronic".

(Which is just what Wayne did, when he was on a cozy $50k a year from Genesi... Now he spends his days shouting down anyone who supports Genesi as "stupid" and "moronic". What an improvement.)

It has nothing to do with an article, though the conspiracy-mindedness of this "community" never ceases to amaze me. If 1/100th of you put 1/10th this much imagination and creativity into actually supporting the Amiga as everyone puts into making up wild stories, the Amiga would still be a viable platform today.

A quote from ANN, which seems innocuous and true enough until you read a moronic post made some days later on his own site:

Indeed according to posts elsewhere, (at least some) AmigaZeux members have been essentially paid in hardware by Genesi to troll by negativity and anyone who dares to say differently is -- according to them -- obviously just a "stupid Amiga Inc cheerleader".

Wayne is just a retarded hypocrite and anyone who notices just gets told "if you don't like it, go somewhere else". But even from another site, Wayne is still a hypocrite, and still retarded, so that doesn't work.

    Re: Witness a hypocrite at work and be amazed
    Posted on: 2005-02-16 09:33:45   By: Anonymous
    But Ray is a nice guy! :)

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