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What breed of troll are you?
by samuraijack on 01/11/2004 06:43 PM
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WrongPlanet assists undecided trolls in the community by helping them find a camp.

Scared at the bad words being said in forums? Confused at all this talk of red trolls and blue trolls, or even black trolls? Clueless as to why Amigans are being compared to monsters of Scandinavian myth?

If so, then get lost, because this is for trolls, not n00bs. You know what kind of troll you are, right? Are you sure? Really sure?

WrongPlanet continues its stunning assistance to the community by providing a questionnaire to help uncomitted trolls and general idiots find their path in life. Get a pen and paper ready, 'coz this doesn't use javascript or any of that crap. No pen in your house? Well, use a pizza box and your fingernail, and hit the next page to begin the quiz!

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