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Who is Theo de Raadt?
by hesdeadjim on 03/25/2004 07:01 PM
Who the *bleep* is Theo The Rat?!

There are no working G4's in USA!!!11
Many of you might have asked this to themselves and as we are like you, we came up with this question quite early on. Since we never spare any cost and so to not disgrace ourselves we did some extensive research by googling for this name and then going to his official homepage[1], a long and difficult process. Unfortunately, we had an error in our OpenBSD install: the installer choked because something in the system wasn't TOTALLY open, and closed is EVIL! Of course, because we are consummate professionals we were quickly able to set the document back to its pristine state with no problems at all.

Read what we found out about this guy.

Theo de Raadt describes himself as a kernel hacker, he hacks for fun and for work and for the sake of collecting old hardware. Hefty power and telephone bills and having summertime cooling problems are his other hobbies.

He is one of those guys working on some open-source stuff and he managed to get his stuff running on 10 platforms (probably all the old and unused stuff in his basement no one gives a *bleep* about) after he kicked some arses in some other team where no-one liked him.

He owns a bike and he obsessively rides.

He loves mud. He and another mud-loving friend even went once to a cave to wallow in mud like never before documenting anything on a laptop. His friend Andy, who owns a camera, was taking picture of it all. He hopes to get a camera of his own soon.

He is afraid of lightning and attacks Kananaskis whenever he sees them, when his friend Andy is with him he usually also takes pictures of his attacking actions.

Besides wallowing in mud he is deep into amateur alcohol distillation and he thinks he's very good at that.

He owns cats named after scientists. Some of these cats are meant to be put into soup later when they are fully grown up. He does this because he thinks that - being named after scientists - they could make him a scientist as well by consuming their essence in the form of soup. To this end, he shows them how neat things work (ethernet for example).

Oh and by the way, he does not have a scanner!

We'll keep you updated about this guy and his hobbies.

[1] Theo's Page
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No Subject
Posted on: 2004-03-26 08:53:31   By: Anonymous
By the way, he is part of the anti-Genesi conspiration!

    Posted on: 2004-03-26 08:54:31   By: Anonymous
    He hates all PowerPC hardware!

      Re: Re:
      Posted on: 2004-03-26 08:55:45   By: Anonymous
      Why this guy hates pegasos? Conspiration, conspiration...

        Re: Re:
        Posted on: 2004-03-26 16:42:27   By: Anonymous
        He's part of the anti-Genesi constipation!

        Sennapod or syrup of figs is needed urgently!

    Posted on: 2004-09-16 07:48:33   By: Anonymous
    why can't i [[ost?

When in doubt, make fun of bad English
Posted on: 2004-03-26 16:45:29   By: Anonymous
Help, help, I'm being conspirated!

    Re: When in doubt, make fun of bad English
    Posted on: 2004-03-26 18:43:26   By: Anonymous
    What do Theo makes in the cave with his friend?

      Theo slaves his cats on OpenBSD things...
      Posted on: 2004-03-26 21:28:02   By: Anonymous
      We know, he doesn't make nothing, his cats are the authentic genious!
      Genesi, contract to the Theo's cats!

        The truth is out there...
        Posted on: 2004-03-26 21:36:06   By: Anonymous

          Re: The truth is out there...
          Posted on: 2004-03-27 12:05:26   By: Anonymous

          Will the conspiration never end??

            Re: The truth is out there...
            Posted on: 2004-03-28 12:57:12   By: Anonymous
            From the picture, he seems to be a True Amigan!

              Re: The truth is out there...
              Posted on: 2004-04-01 21:29:03   By: Anonymous
              He's Canadian, eh!

              But...... he's from Calgary ALBERTA!!!! EVIL EVIL!!

              ALBERTA is to Canada as TEXAS is to the USA, as....

Posted on: 2004-04-02 23:21:49   By: Anonymous
There are almost NO Pegasos boards in existance! I have a mail that makes that quite clear. And I believe nice Mr. Akey.

-Theo de Raadt, self-declared OpenBSD expert

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